Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch

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Welcome to Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch!

The Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch surfaces SLDS components, icons, wireframes, and artboards as Sketch symbols—along with system documentation—from within many designers' favorite design tool.



Use SLDS from within Sketch:

Easy Access

Get SLDS site documentation, specifications, and component symbols all in one place.

Helpful Guidance

Browse components and variants along with usage guidelines.

Save Time

Filter and search options, then drag and drop your chosen components and icons.

Get Started

To install Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch:

  1. Download a free trial of Sketch if you do not have it already
  2. Download the plugin and unzip the file
  3. Double-click the .sketch plugin file to install it in Sketch
  4. Press ⌘J on your keyboard to open the plugin

Available updates will appear at the upper right of your Sketch window.

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