Kinetics System

Kinetics Personality

Qualities of a Genuine Lightning Animation

Motion can be expressed in a lot of ways. But to design motion that fits Salesforce, it should have these qualities.


Motion helps users maintain flow, drawing attention to screen changes both small and large, and increasing the perceived speed of the task.

When a new item is created, a contextual success toast reveals where the new item is added while retaining the order of tasks to be done.


Kinetics moves modestly and predictably, making users feel confident about their next steps.

Various icons enlarge and a circular shape highlights the icon as the cursor moves over them.


Kinetics welcomes people of all visual abilities, pushing for efficiency to enhance the quality of the experience where needed, and humbly bowing out when users would prefer to skip motion altogether.

A carousel starts and stops moving as a user clicks a play/pause button


Kinetics knows when to turn up the charm—relishing in the fun moments, and turning the mundane into something memorable.

As a user clicks to mark list items complete, the completed items move to to the bottom of the list. When all the items are completed a celebratory animation plays to depict success